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Universal Flush Access Door / Access Panel

AcudorThe ED-2002 flush access door is an economical and attractive access door for walls & ceilings. This quality product is ideally suited for apartments, condominiums and office buildings.

A Concealed hinge, rounded safety corners on the flange and a white baked enamel prime coat are all standard features of this access door.

Additional features include a flush fit door panel with formed edge.
Model No. Door Size W x H Opening W x H Latch Price *
ED-2002 6x6 6-3/8x6-3/8 1 $13.99
ED-2002 8x8 8-3/8x8-3/8 1 $14.99
ED-2002 10x10 10-3/8x10-3/8 1 $16.99
ED-2002 12x12 12-3/8x12-3/8 1 $19.99
ED-2002 14x14 14-3/8x14-3/8 1 $24.99
ED-2002 16x16 16-3/8x16-3/8 1 $30.99
ED-2002 18x18 18-3/8x18-3/8 1 $35.99
ED-2002 20x20 20-3/8x20-3/8 1 $42.99
ED-2002 24x24 24-3/8x24-3/8 1 $49.99
ED-2002 24x36 24-3/8x36-3/8 2 $85.99

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Available Options: (one of each, non-returnable if selecting any options below)
Standard Cylinder Lock (ADSCL) $14.99

  • For Walls and Ceilings
  • Material: 18 gauge steel door and frame
  • Door: Flush to frame, formed edges
  • Frame: 1” wide outside flange by 1 1/2” deep (2.5 x 3.8cm) mounting frame with holes
  • Hinge: Concealed.
  • Latch: Stainless steel screwdriver operated cam latch.
  • Finish: White alkyd baking enamel

ED-2002 Universal Access Door
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