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Flush Drywall Access Door / Access Panel

AcudorThe Acudor DW-5040 is designed specifically for installation in drywall walls and ceilings after the drywall has been installed.
The door flange is perforated as a taping bead, with pre-punched holes. Drywall compound is applied over the bead at the same time the drywall joints are finished. When the application is completed, only the door panel remains exposed. Our unique concealed hinge and st/stl screwdriver operated cam latches allow the door panel, which is formed with flanges on four sides, to operate freely with no binding, sagging, or distortion.

Model No. Door Size W x H Opening W x H Latch Price *
DW-5040 6x6 6-3/8x6-3/8 1 $30.99
DW-5040 8x8 8-3/8x8-3/8 1 $31.99
DW-5040 10x10 10-3/8x10-3/8 1 $34.99
DW-5040 12x12 12-3/8x12-3/8 1 $35.99
DW-5040 14x14 14-3/8x14-3/8 1 $39.99
DW-5040 16x16 16-3/8x16-3/8 1 $46.99
DW-5040 18x18 18-3/8x18-3/8 1 $49.99
DW-5040 22x22 22-3/8x22-3/8 1 $66.99
DW-5040 24x24 24-3/8x24-3/8 1 $73.99
DW-5040 24x36 24-3/8x36-3/8 2 $109.99
DW-5040 24x48 24-3/8x48-3/8 2 $226.99
DW-5040 30x30 30-3/8x30-3/8 2 $155.99
DW-5040 36x36 36-3/8x36-3/8 2 $192.99
DW-5040 36x48 36-3/8x48-3/8 2 $322.99

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Available Options: (one of each, non-returnable if selecting any options below)
Cylinder Lock (ADCL) $14.99
Quarter turn knob latch (ADQTKL) $14.99

  • For Walls and Ceilings
  • Material: 20 gauge galvanized formed door panel, flanged on four sides; 26 gauge galvanized frame, with multiple bends for added strength
  • Door: Formed door panel, flanged on four sides
  • Frame: Multiple bends for added strength. Integral perforated taping bead adds extra rigidity
  • Hinge: Concealed
  • Latch: Stainless steel screwdriver operated cam latch. Also available: cylinder lock & key; allen head cam latch; spanner head cam latch
  • Finish: 5 stage iron phosphate preparation with prime coat of white baked enamel. Frame to be mill finish

Flush Drywall Access Door
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