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Larsen's Fully Recessed Fire Blanket/Extinguisher Cabinet

Model Description  
Tub Size WxHxD
Non-Rated Rough Opening
Price *
FB3612R Holds Fire Blanket and Fire Extinguisher ADA Compliant
12 x 36 x 8 *
13 x 37 x 8 1/4
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Download the Submittal/Data sheet here

Download the FS Submittal/Data sheet here

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Door style:
Full Glass Full Metal Vertical Duo
Horizontal Duo
Available Options:
Aluminum Finish (AL) $59.99
Stainless Steel Finish (SS) $179.99
Flame Shield * (FS) $259.99
Tempered Glass(LTG) $24.99
Vertical Decal/Horizontal Decal (LVDHD) ** $19.99
Safety Break Lock (LSBL) $12.99
Recessed Handle *** (LRH) $25.99
Mini Theft Alarm (LVA) $54.99
* Flame Shield option: Refer to FS Submittal Sheet for dimensions
** Vertical Decal "Fire Extinguisher", Horizontal Decal "Fire Blanket"
*** Recessed Handle not available with Full Glass

Lead time: 4 weeks. Comes with One Fire Blanket.

FB 3612 SERIES: Exclusive combination fire extinguisher and fire blanket cabinet, which is identical to the Architectural Series model 3612 (see Architectural Series) except for the blanket shelf located 9" down from the top of the cabinet, leaving 27" for the extinguisher height. Available with "Fire Extinguisher" (vertical) and "Fire Blanket" (horizontal) lettering. If specified, "Fire Extinguisher" and "Fire Blanket" decals or die cut lettering are available with the appropriate door styles. For steel door and trim units, white baked acrylic enamel is the standard color

BOX SPECIFICATION: All recessed and semi-recessed cabinets and surface-mounted steel cabinets have a heavy gauge, white baked enamel box. Surface-mounted cabinets with aluminum door and trim have a box constructed entirely of clear or color anodized aluminum. Surface-mounted cabinets with stainless steel door and trim have a box constructed entirely of 304 stainless steel with #4 finish.

TRIM AND DOOR SPECIFICATION: Steel trims and doors are one piece, constructed of cold-rolled steel with a standard finish of white baked acrylic enamel, which can be used as either a finish or prime coat. Aluminum trims are constructed of extruded or fabricated aluminum and all corners are mitered. Aluminum is the recommended material for applications in salt air and other corrosion prone environments.

(Fire extinguisher shown in picture not included)


Larsen's Architectural Fully Recessed Fire Extinguisher Cabinet
Larsen's Architectural Fully Recessed Fire Extinguisher Cabinet Trims
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